Essential Everyday Wireless Bra

It’s been well over a year since I started on a serious hunt for wireless bras and honestly it hasn’t been an easy hunt. Wireless bras have been around for a long time but in recent years it’s brought on a new sense of attention and has become a new standard of sorts. But, if you’re on the fuller end of the spectrum, finding a good wireless bra that offers support and comfort can be a challenge.

First, a little background on my shopping experience for wireless bra: I follow other influencers and as such I’m constantly in the know about new products. One particular girl I follow touted the brand, SOMA, for having the most amazing wireless bras ever. So I went to my local shop ready for a life changing experience.

Bras are one of those things where comfort and fit is EVERYTHING! And you can’t compare apples to melons. The girl is a size 0 and her bras are in the realm of 32 A or B cup. I’m wayyy on the other side of the sizing graph, although in all fairness, when I popped into the shop they measured me and also recommended the exact same bra.

Long story short, I spent over $100 on two bras that have since been hiding in my drawer. I absolutely hate them! I almost wanted to call her out on social media for recommending the bras, but I kept my cool, after all, she’s an influencer and she did exactly what she does for a living. I’ve worn the bras on rare occasions hoping the fit somehow changes but I end up frustrated. They’re incredibly uncomfortable, made of a super thick padded material that makes me hot and sweaty, and although they’re wireless, which is what I was looking for, it just doesn’t feel/fit right. Maybe I’m just too picky…

Fast forward, and after researching high and low, I narrowed it down to two brands. In the end, I went with Shapermint because it promises to best fit my specific bra needs.

The two most important things I was aiming for in a wireless bra were support and comfort. The Essential Everyday Wireless Bra is perfect! I can have it on all day long and not be bothered by it. So far, so good. When I’m home I almost exclusively don’t wear a bra. And if you’re anything like me, I like to wear the ‘prettier’ bras on special occasions, (as if people notice) it makes me feel pretty and he likes them too. But if I’m running around, a bra that fits and feels good with movement and offers support is definitely a must.

I absolutely love the feel, the fit and the coverage this bra provides. Developed to maximize comfort while delivering natural lift and shape, this bra’s super soft, highly supportive fabric is fantastic! Where most bras irritate my skin or worst yet, dig in, the seamless, underwire free design of this bra gives me full mobility with zero discomfort. The pads are removable and I love that it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a tee under a tee. It has a nice shape without the constrictive feel of a sports bra.

I just ordered the Comfort Revolution Fit Shaping Bra and can’t wait to wear it! It has what looks like a slightly ‘dressier’ look, it does have the hook-and-eye closure but like the everyday bra, this too is seamless, has no wires, and provides superior support. I’ll keep you posted once I get a chance to wear it.

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