The Perfect Tank Dress for Spring

So the temps reached sleeveless levels! I was thrilled when the day warmed up enough to go out sans a jacket. I finally wore this pretty tank dress that I’ve had hanging in my closet for about a month now since the weather in CT has been awful. We’ve had a lot of rain (great for our grass and floral bushes) but we even had snow this far into the season. As you can imagine staying home for A LOT of people on a gorgeous sunny spring day was not an option.

New England spring style.

Everlane is a new-to-me shopping destination. I have heard so many great things about this brand that I decided to browse their collections and find out for myself what the hype is all about. I’m happy to report I love everything from outfit pieces to the reasons behind their pricing. Not only do they provide transparent pricing to the customer, so you know you’re paying a fair price for the materials and labor of your items, but they also partner with the best ethical factories around the world to give us exceptional quality. It makes a world of a difference that they’ve also launched an initiative to remove all plastics from their supply chain, you can read more about their effort here.

It doesn’t get easier than a cotton dress. Made of breezy cotton, The Cotton Weave Picnic Dress is breathable with a slightly textured finish. Complete with adjustable straps, elasticized back for comfort, and best of all, pockets. Plus, the belt is removable: tie it at the waist, or opt for a more relaxed shape—either way, its comfy and stylish. Just perfect.

Spring cotton tank dress.Spring tank dress.Sustainable style. Spring tank dress @everlane


While I do venture out, my family and I continue to practice safety and social distancing per CDC guidelines to avoid the Coronavirus threat. When we did this shoot we chose an area where there were no people around and the few that walked by kept their own distance. I also had my mask but I chose to not wear it for the shoot.

I can’t wait till things return to normal and we can all go about our daily lives. I miss planning trips and visiting places but I’m confident that this will all pass soon. In the meantime, stay safe and if you do venture out like I do, don’t forget your mask and keep your distance. Have a great week ahead friends!

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