Casual Trench Coat Outfit

Banana Republic trench coat for a casual look.A casual way to dress the trench coat.Styling a trench coat is not one of my top outfit prerequisites but recently I’ve discovered a new found love for the item. We were graced with a couple of days with warm temperatures and this was the one piece I kept grabbing on the go. I own an older trench that I’ve had for years and wore time and time again but unfortunately it doesn’t fit me anymore. Because I got so much use out of my old one finding a replacement became a mission.

It is in my humble opinion, beyond the benefit of a doubt, the most useful and practical item to wear. In the upcoming months I’m sure to be wearing it a lot more as the weather warms up. Over dresses, skirts and cropped pants. This classic staple is easy to wear, to dress (up or down), easy to pack and travel with and of course super chic. It is a wardrobe item that should be in everyone’s closet. 

what Im wearing

trench coat | blouse, (similar) | jeans | shoes | bag | sunglasses 

The trench coat for a casual outfit.A casual way to style the trench coat.The trench coat for a casual outfit look.Styling the trench coat for a casual look.


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