Simple Summer Tablescape

Welcome to a new week friends! The good news (for those of us in CT) is that our state will FINALLY be fully functional (mostly) this week! Right before the biggest holiday of the entire year, Father’s Day!🤣 Seriously tho, I’m super excited because I can finally go to my hairdresser, get my nails done and visit the malls again, yay!

With that said, today I’m sharing a super simple summer tablescape (try saying that 5 times in a row real fast) for you to try. I promise you can recreate this pretty scene in your home in no time at all. It’s absolutely fun, fabulous and totally gets your summer vibes going! I had so much fun putting this one together, obviously since I’ve had so much time on my hands playing with things around the house during the quarantine. The great thing about this tablescape is that it’s totally achievable for outdoor dining as well. Hope you like!

Aside from being such a cute tablescape for summer dining, the other thing I’m excited about is this fantastic little bouquet of fresh flowers. I clipped these right from my garden and into the vase! I’m so proud of how beautiful my little garden babies are growing into! These are literally the firstlings from one of my Festiva Maxima Peony bush. I can’t wait till the other variety finally blooms, which should be pretty soon.

I find these so heavenly! As pretty as they are, they unfortunately don’t have nearly as sweet a scent as my other bushes. But the simplicity of these giant flowers adds a subtle touch of romance anywhere you display them. Festiva Maximas bloom into large, pure-white, semi-fragrant flowers with streaks of crimson in the centre. They’re perfect for a pre-summer tablescape to ring in the season!

And we simply can not ignore the fabulous nautical vibes going on here! I love, love, LOVE the touches of seagrass! It’s no secret I pretty much love anything straw especially for the warmer months, so adding this layer of texture to the dining table was just fabulous!

How darling are the braided jute napkin rings?!! They remind me of knots made by sailors, or should I say fisherman… And how about the seagrass wrapped glassware? With summer just around the corner these are making the rounds everywhere. They’re super trendy right now but they’re definitely an absolute to complete your summer nautical theme. And we can’t ignore the seagrass placemats. They look wonderful and are very practical for casual coastal inspired dining. The little touches of rustic paired with soft linens, simple white plates and fresh florals compliment each other perfectly!



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