Yellow Spring Floral Dress

Yellow florals for spring!Wearing yellow makes me happy. I’m sure most would probably agree which is why a yellow spring floral dress is the fastest way to cheer up any blues. What with all the rain we’ve had this season and to finally get a warm sunny day I rushed to throw it on. I have to admit the moment I saw this dress I quickly added it to my shopping cart! The pretty v-neck cut, the defined waist line and lovely yellow florals, how can I pass it up? Not to mention the price tag is also pretty enticing for a lovely spring outfit.Yellow florals for spring.I ordered the dress online and picked up at my local store, seriously the best way to shop thus far! The other cute item I snagged on a whim were these super cute block heeled ankle sandals. I saw them on a shelf as I was waiting in line to pick up my order but unfortunately they’re sold out in gold. They are however available in other colors. They’re surprisingly comfortable and although faux leather, for $20 it’s a great deal not to pass by. I’m sure I’ll be wearing them quite a lot this season.Yellow florals for spring.Yellow florals for spring.My round straw bag is also sold out. It was a JCrew favorite for two seasons in a row! There are plenty of straw bags for the pickings with this one as a second runner upYellow florals for spring.FUN FACT: Not only has it been raining a lot this season but we’ve had lots of windy days as well! My earrings are white rattan with pretty gold details but the wind kept flipping them around thus exposing the black backing. 🙈Yellow floral dress for spring.



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