Master Bedroom Summer Mini Refresh

One of the rooms I tend to refresh over and over is our master bedroom. I finished this mini makeover in time to enjoy the crisp late summer blues. I love how the whale on the pillow seems to be wading ever so peacefully reminding me of the inevitable end to a beautiful season…The last time I updated our bedroom was back in the fall and I’ve been meaning to post this update since the beginning of summer, but as life would have it, it kinda fell to the back burner. I’ve been busy enjoying our summer with weekly trips to the beach and keeping up with Glor’s summer activities. Today I finally get to share a simple summer bedroom refresh. Once the fall season begins, I’ll change things up yet again with warmer colors and fuzzier textures…We are also in the beginning stages of ideas for redoing our bedroom floors. When we built the house we chose Berber carpeting for the bedrooms. Berber is wonderful for insulating ambient noise, the thicker the carpet the less sound transmission from downstairs which helps keep the room serene. It also helps with insulating heat thus cutting down on heating expenses during the winter months. The floor is soft to the touch and warm on your feet, especially for those midnight bathroom breaks and it’s actually low maintenance. Regular deep vacuuming does the trick in maintaining it clean while immediate spot cleaning will help remove any potential stains.

Fast forward and I’m ready for beautiful hardwood flooring and lovely area rugs. It will eventually give the room a major facelift and I can’t wait to see it all done, especially since I can already envision what I want to accomplish. Until then, our carpeted floors will continue to do the trick…

For a peaceful bedroom begin with a good mattress. Our king tempur pedic mattress has been a life changer! We absolutely love it and will never go back to regular spring or coil mattresses. Our memory foam is like sleeping on a luxury hotel bed every night!

Don’t skimp on bed sheets. I try to get Egyptian cotton sets with a minimum of 350 thread count, the higher the count the softer the sheet. Seriously, they are the best. Percale cotton sheets are a great alternative at a much lower cost and good quality.

Load the bed with seasonal pillows for coziness and support. They add texture and color and are super easy to update.

A good quality multi-season down comforter is hands down the best way to go! I’ve had different types of comforters over the years but downs are my favorite. The ‘down’ side is that they’re high maintenance, you can’t throw them in the washer. I take great care of our feathered comforter and pack it neatly when not in use.

Duvet sets are best for keeping your down comforter clean and in tip-top shape. They are also the easiest way to update the look of your bed at a moment’s notice!


Thanks for visiting friends! Hope your summer has been a great one. The countdown will soon begin to usher in the fall season…

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