English Summer Garden in New England

How to style summer sweaters. @llbeanI love living in an area where so much history and beauty abounds. And I love visiting places within an hour’s drive where I can daydream about a time full of splendor, romance and gentility. Case in point is this magnificent garden-courtyard at Eolia Mansion. It looks like a sight straight out of a Jane Austen movie. If only I had a big enough yard that could handle such beautiful architecture.

I visit Eolia Mansion often during the summertime because it is located on the grounds of Harkness State Memorial Park right on the Connecticut shore. It is the best 50 minute drive I get to spend with my daughter. Although I can probably make it there quicker if I take the highway I much prefer the back roads with farms. The beach is small and beautiful and rocky but the best part is that it’s not overly populated! We love to lounge for hours on the soft sand and then have tons of fun and laughter looking for crabs. The grounds of this magnificent place is amazing to say the least.How to style summer sweaters.Smack in the middle of July and I’m wearing a sweater. Crazy, right? Not really. Connecticut has some of the silliest weather patterns. So far we’ve had amazing hot sunny days but every so often a brisk chill flows through. My striped fisherman’s sweater is a favorite of mine that doesn’t get tucked away with the rest of my winter wardrobe come summertime. LLBean has some of the best sweaters! I also have the classic fisherman which I live in all winter long and is another option to the summer wardrobe. These are the perfect sweaters for cozy summer nights with jeans or like I did on this shoot, day wear with linen shorts to keep the wind at bay.

what Im wearing


How to style sweaters in the summer.How to style summer sweaters.How to style sweaters for summer.

LLBean Sweater // Linen Shorts // Johnston & Murphy sneakers, c/o // Straw Bag // Boater Hat 


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