My Daytime Winter Skincare MVPs

Today I’m sharing a quick guide along with some of my favorite beauty products for a daily winter skincare routine. I change my skincare routine during the winter months (and so should you) in order to get the maximum benefits that my skin needs. Unlike other beauty geeks, I try to keep my routine as simple as possible involving minimum time. Let’s face it, who wants to spend hours every morning (or night) prepping their face?! Here is my simple guide that takes a few minutes each day but gives me high end results!

Myth number oneExpensive beauty products are best. I can not even begin to tell you how this is such a lie! I’ve tried super high end beauty brands as well as the CVS weekly beauty sale product and I’ve actually had better results with some of the ‘cheaper’ products, not all but definitely some.

Cleansers are for the most part universal. Don’t spend a fortune on cleansers. I use Aveeno Skin Brightening Scrub daily and the Positively Radiant Cleansing Wipes at night. They cleanse and exfoliate in one. I prefer to use double duty products that help remove impurities and preps my skin for the next step. The Dermalogica Daily Polisher is pricier but happens to be my absolute favorite. I’ve been using it for months now and love how it leaves my skin. You can read more about it here. For removing eye makeup I use L’Oreal’s Eye Makeup Remover. I’ve been using this product since high school and I never ever go without it!

Myth number two: After cleansing follow up with a toner. This is beyond the most ridiculous and overrated step in cleansing! Typically the toner will remove any leftover dirt or oils the cleanser didn’t dissolve and is supposed to help shrink your pores. Heads up, if you use a good cleanser there is absolutely no need to follow up with a toner. A splash of very cold water will take care of your pores. Besides, people with super sensitive or dry skin should avoid this step since most toners have alcohol and tends to dry out your skin even more.

After cleansing my skin I follow up with a good moisturizer. By good I mean one that also includes sun block. I never ever leave my house without putting some type of sun block on my face, obviously more so during the summer. I’ve used many different moisturizers over the years and I always find myself reverting back to the same one, because it works. My skin gets extra dry and sometimes it even flakes during the cold winter months. My favorite day moisturizer is Lancôme Absolute Replenishing Cream with SPF 15. This is a very expensive cream and the only time where I defer from the local pharmacy brand. To me it’s worth the investment since I see good results. I don’t slather a ton of it on my face since a little goes a long way and I make sure to get by with it for months before I have to replenish. I graduated to ABSOLUTE since my skin is now considered ‘mature’ but for many years before I used BIENFAIT Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30 also with great results.

Two other alternatives I’ve tried with good results are CLINIQUE Moisturizer with SPF 20 and Estée Lauder Multi Protection with SPF 25. They all provide the moisturization and sun protection I need with the extra benefits of reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

The last step to my day skincare routine is eye care and one you can not go without. When removing eye makeup I try to be as gentle as possible without rubbing my eyes while using the softest cotton pads I can find. After cleansing and moisturizing I use a daily eye cream. Olay has an amazing selection of eye care creams, serums and gels without breaking the bank. If you’re like me and suffer from puffy eyes especially in the morning try Olay’s Depuffing Eye Roller. The applicator with cooling metal balls reduce fluid build-up when massaged around the eyes and the anti-aging formula helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, bam! Another great eye product for day is Olay Eyes Ultimate Cream. It fights wrinkles, puffy eyes, and dark circles in an instant. 

I hope you find this quick guide helpful for your skincare routine. My skin falls in the normal to dry spectrum which is why I need more hydration during the winter months. And I’m also in a ‘mature’ skin stage which means fine lines are appearing and I need the extra help to reduce them. I’m not an aesthetician nor a beauty expert but I do have experience with various products over the years and can only offer my opinion on simple skincare. Obviously we don’t all have the same skincare concerns but following a good daily routine will definitely improve how our skin ages. Have a great day friends and thanks for stopping by. And don’t forget to skip the caffeine and drink lots of water. This simple task helps in maintaining great skin as well!


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