5 Easy Weekday Meals to Make

To avoid having to make multiple trips to the grocery store I usually stock up on basic ingredients. With the current stay-home situation this helps cut down on my trips and keeps my pantry full of ready to use items for easy meal prep. Today I’m sharing 5 easy to make weekday meals that will save you travel time and help enjoy with the family.

SPAGHETTI CARBONARA is one of my all time favorite pasta dishes. It’s also one that requires simple ingredients that most of us already have. It’s seriously easy and loaded with richness. Once you make this, it’ll become one of your favorite weeknight dinners!

Easy weekday meals.
image & recipe via I Am Baker


ONE-POT PUTTANESCA PASTA It doesn’t get easier than this when you’re faced with having to cook a great home meal! One pot dinners are the best time savers and you can easily adjust ingredients to your liking!

Easy weekday meals.
image & recipe via kitchn


FARMER’S MARKET CHICKEN & VEGETABLES  I’ve found some of the easiest meal ideas directly from spice jars I already have in the pantry. This McCormick recipe is not only easy to make but it’s also loaded with all the key ingredients of a complete meal in one!

Easy meals.
image & recipe via McCormick


SUN-DRIED TOMATO CHICKEN FLORENTINE  Sun-dried tomatoes always add so much flavor to any dish. The recipe is a simple comfort food, and the creamy pasta with the sun-dried tomato sauce is out of this world delish!

Easy meals prep.
image & recipe via pinch of yum


ONE POT BEEF STROGANOFF  I LOVE a good classic recipe! I’m a huge fan of egg noodles and any chance I get to make them I jump at the opportunity. The loaded creamy sauce sticks to the noodles making sure that every bite is full of flavor.

Easy meal prep.
image & recipe via cooking classy

Grab your pen and paper, or better yet bookmark this page to make sure you come back to get all the ingredients you need for a full week’s worth of amazing easy to make meals!


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