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In recent days I’ve noticed a huge buzz going around about the Netflix show Marie Kondo. I gave in to curiosity and had to check it out. Honestly, I didn’t even watch the first full episode of the show. Here’s why…Favorite winter white knits.I really don’t see what all the fuss is about. It’s like watching the whole avocado craze all over again. I grew up eating avocados pretty much everyday of my life and in recent years it seems like it’s a jewel newly discovered and people can’t have enough of it. I see the same thing happening with this Marie Kondo thing. In her book, which led to the show, Marie introduces the ‘life changing magic of tidying up.’

In reality, I guess this would be a good way to start for hoarders, but for the average person, like myself, I don’t find it to be life changing at all. In fact I don’t even find it interesting. The reason is because organization is something I was taught to do from the time I could read! I’ve taught my 10 year old daughter to do her own laundry (I do help her fold) and she also keeps her room fairly organized. Not exactly spotless but the kid keeps up with her chores. And the fact that she’ll keep this routine all her life is almost a guarantee which in turn means no need for the latest ‘how to’ book!

How is it that people let their homes get so cluttered and out of control to the point it’s dysfunctional? I guess the answer to that is simple, priorities. Work gets in the way, kids, school, marriage, vacations; I know it’s hard to juggle them all and unfortunately modern society doesn’t leave much room for the simple things. Those just get pushed to the back burner. The thing is though that when you run in to people they tend  to put on an air of superiority while their private spaces are a wreck. Busy seems to be the it word. It’s almost like, if you’re NOT busy you’re a loser, you’ve got nothing going for ya. Not me, I enjoy not being busy. I love having enough time in my hands to CHOOSE what I want to do with it.

NOTE: This doesn’t apply to people who suffer from depression or anything of the sort. That’s a completely legitimate health issue that often leads to clutter or hoarding.

Here’s my take on organization and decluttering:

  • I change up my wardrobe twice a year, once in the spring to make room for warm weather clothing and then again in the fall leading up to the winter for all the heavier stuff.

It’s seriously that simple. While I’m at it I discard of anything I haven’t worn in over two years or just doesn’t fit me anymore. This will usually take me about an hour or two to achieve or I’ll spread it over a week’s time while doing laundry. That way I make sure to store things freshly laundered. I also pack the items I don’t want and donate to a local shelter.

  • I also transition my decor throughout the seasons. Not EVERY season, but I do change things up a little throughout the year. When I do this I also discard of things I no longer use or want.

I end up with a fresh look to the room without any CLUTTER!

  • The same applies to all of my linens. Twice a year, just like I do with my wardrobe I swap things up. Lighter sheets and comforters for the summer and thicker ones for the winter.

This also gives me the opportunity to get rid of any sheets that are ragged or have lost elasticity over the years or that are torn or stained from use. I also color code them for easier access.

That’s it, nothing to it. There’s no magic formula or some prayer to become one with the room, e.g Fung Shui. I simply swap things out and rid of things I no longer need.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that organization and decluttering shouldn’t have to be an art. It’s a way of life. When you keep simple things organized the rest of your world fits right in. And it feels so good!


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