New Beginnings

In the beginning

Today is my first blog post of the year and I’m super excited to tell you why! In my “about” page you’ll be able to find a glimpse of my life and that of the blog. Today we’re taking it up a notch by sharing a little more into how it all started and why the sudden rebranding of the blog. So, as of today there will no longer be “Lady Diana’s Pearls.” I have to admit I feel a little nostalgic about letting go of that title but it’s been a while coming.

When I began this blog four years ago it was for the sole purpose of finding a hobby. As a stay home mom I often found myself wondering what to do with the extra time. Blogging sounded like a fun idea. And since I love to cook and decorate (among other musings) I figured why not do something I can share with others who have similar interests. The blog’s name came from the idea of ‘sharing pearls of wisdom on fashion, food and fun’ with a touch of whimsy and without having to put my full name out there.

Fast forward

Last summer I set out to re-design and launch a new website. I spent a lot of time reflecting and evaluating about where I am and where I’d like to be in this enormous world that is the blogosphere. There was this one thing that kept bothering me, the name Lady Diana’s PearlsI think I just outgrew the passion for the name. I no longer liked the sound of it nor did I like saying it. Perhaps somewhere in the back of my mind I kinda always knew that at some point I might want to change the name should the blog become a success. After all, when I started four years ago it was literally an escape from my day-to-day routines. But then again, who takes on an adventure and not want it to succeed?

I spent several months searching for a new blog name and going back and forth with ideas and how to re-brand. Nothing I came up with felt right. I was literally driving my family crazy trying to figure it out. Then one day it hit me. The one thing that is constant and fully represents me is my name. More often than not people address me by my last name (which can be confusing) and it was the only personal thing I included in the original blog name. Now I’m excited to bring out the Rosa part. It is the natural change that I was looking for and it’s just right!

Now what?

Today I introduce the new and improved (the old url will forward to the new site). As a creature of habit I can tell you that in many ways you can expect a lot of the same but with some nice touches. In terms of the site design, I contacted the lovely Rachel at to help me. Since I was undertaking the whole project by myself, I wanted a website that would be easy and fun to navigate and would represent my style. She was helpful with her input and guidance into the chosen design and I love how it allowed me to personalize it to my desired layout. 

The new design will also be adapted to the emails you receive. I’ll continue to share exclusive content on a regular basis, if you haven’t done so already, you can sign up to receive it here. The main categories of the site, Style, Beauty, Decor, Recipes, and the new Travel & Leisure each have their own unique landing page with featured articles and fresh content. In the end, it is my goal to continue to bring to you material that is relatable, fun and entertaining and above all else inspiring. Feel free to look around and get acquainted with the new setup.

Fashion, cooking and decorating are just some of the activities in my life that I enjoy sharing with all of you. Thank you for allowing me into a little corner of your world. Your continued support means more than words can express.

I hope you love the new site as much as I do.

xo, Rosa


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