Fall Tablescape Essentials

Just like in the spring season, I look forward to the fall to dress up my dining tables with all the pretty autumn hues. I usually pull out some of my linens from years past and rotate some dishes too. But every so often I buy new peices to replace any broken ones or to just freshen up the vibe.

Choosing a coordinated color palette is pretty simple as I tend to go for the same neutrals with a dash of blue here and there. I start with a beautiful tablecloth, it’s the first step to any great tablescape. I found this simple neutral gingham tablecloth which I think is a timeless piece that you can reuse, and the best part, it’s only $20. And of course you can never have too many napkins. These are just too cute to pass up. Gold pinecone embroidered napkins are literally the most perfect for the autumn season!

Add texture with these absolutely gorgeous plate chargers. I know they’re a little pricey but they’re so worth it! You’ll use them in every setting and will have them forever. They just make your place settings look absolutely stunning. I like to add a little sparkle by using colored stems as well. These wine glasses (in the color amber smoke) look so charming. They give off a warm and inviting look to the tablescape which is exactly what I’m going for.

I love the gentle spode border on these dinner plates.They have a timeless cottage chic feel that can also be used as beautiful accent peices to any autumn collection you may already have. But this botanical harvest dinnerware collection definitely elevates your seasonal table! The exquisite artwork with vivid colors is absolutely stunning and adds a punch of color to your table. If you want a casual feel pair your dinnerware with these lovely bamboo flatware peices. And of course there’s nothing better than fresh flowers on the table as your centerpiece.


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