How to Revive Wilted Hydrangeas

I made a run to my local Whole Foods Market to grab another fresh bunch of hydrangeas. It’s literally the only place in my area where I can find really good hydrangeas. They always have a great selection of flowers all year long but especially in the spring season. And they often have really good deals too.

As soon as I got home I put the flowers in a large vase with plenty of water and left them overnight. Unfortunately the next morning I found three of the large flowers had almost completely wilted! I couldn’t believe it! This was the first time I’ve ever had this happen and as you can imagine I was very upset. I didn’t know what to do and though they looked bad I didn’t want to throw them out. I though to myself there must be something I can do to make them full again. And so began my search for a remedy.

Thanks to good ‘ole YouTube I was able to find videos showing how to revive wilted hydrangeas. Guess what, it worked!!! Follow these simple steps if your hydrangeas have wilted in order to revive them. Keep in mind that this may not always work as it depends how badly the flowers are wilted and that this remedy does not work for all types of flowers.


① In your sink or using a large bowl, fill with cold water and place wilted hydrangeas, flower side only, into the bath of water. Make sure the flowers are completely submerged.

② Leave in water for several hours or overnight. The flowers will be able to absorb plenty of water which in turn should make them come back to full bloom.

③ Trim the stem and place in a vase with fresh water and flower food, if available.



  1. Julie W
    03/27/2021 / 2:23 pm

    Good morning Rosa! Beautiful display. I love hydrangeas and I appreciate the information as I have had a bunch collapse on me before. Also, I think something may be off with your shopping links. The last few times I have tried them, it wants me to save to Pinterest as opposed to finding the actual item. Is this correct or an error? I think I remember your links originally leading to the actual item. Thank you!

    • Rosa Diana
      03/28/2021 / 10:00 am

      Hi Julie, thanks for the input. If you click on image with links it automatically goes to Pinterest, somehow the settings are getting in the way, I have to figure out how to fix it BUT if you click on the image say, in a corner or any edge it will bring you to the product page. Hope this works. Have a great day!

  2. Julie W
    03/28/2021 / 3:20 pm

    It worked!! Thanks for the tip as there are some pieces I am coveting:-)). Ahh, technology….”close one eye, hold left foot up, pray and gently click” LOL!! Have a wonderful day:-)

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