When I pop in to Trader Joe’s the items that are always on my list are the Garlic Spread Dip, the fantastic Mini French Baguettes and the TJ’s Glazed Sweet Lemon Scones, have you had a chance to try these(?!) They’re perfect with coffee or tea. But the baguettes, I love them with dinner and recently I found myself with none and almost died, (not literally) but seriously, they’re so good. Anyway, can we just take a moment for the non-food items at Trader Joe’s? You’ve probably heard of a few, like the sunscreen that the internet flipped out over, or the obvious flowers, because they’re just absolutely gorgeous and affordable! So today I’m concentrating on some of my favorite non-food items from Trader Joe’s.



Everyone knows the second you walk into a TJ’s you’re welcomed with a beautiful garden-like display of flowers and plants. Of course all those colors and scents immediately draw you in. I for one can’t go into TJ’s without leaving with a plant or a beautiful bouquet of flowers. When compared to other shops, TJ’s floral selection is much more affordable and you can’t beat the quality. I love picking up a bouquet or two but more so when peonies and hydrangeas are in season. Recently I picked up a lovely set of white and blue hyacinth bulbs in their pretty little jars ready to bloom. And for the price of less than $4 you seriously can’t beat that anywhere else!🤍💙🤍

TIP: Make sure to save the jars so you can force your own bulbs at home next time!


I love a good hair serum and when it smells as good as this one then it’s a plus! TJ’s Shea Butter & Coconut Oil Hair Serum is notably silky & moisturizing, yet still lightweight. It helps to add shine and luster without weighing down my hair like other products tend to do. And it’s also free of parabens and sulfates making it safe for treated hair.


Recently we found out my daughter is allergic to a lot of the ingredients found in many of today’s lip products which were making her lips incredibly dry and flaky and even blistering. She can’t even use vaseline which contains petrolatum. TJ’s Vanilla Lip Mask provides hydration with heavy-hitters like shea butter, coconut oil, which is fantastic and vitamin E. The formula is thick and luxurious, yet silky and lightweight, even I use it from time to time and love it.


If you find yourself in a pinch and need greeting cards quick, check out TJ’s greeting cards. It’s small but they actually have a really nice selection at really good prices. They’re beautifully made and are always a great addition to any gift. Whenever I’m in the store I glance at what they currently have. I’ll restock on cards for weddings, showers, anniversaries or multi-purpose cards that I could use for any occasion. 


The Ultra Hydrating Gel Moisturizer is legit the alternative to another one I had that goes for over $30. This one is just under $9 and you get the same benefits and more. Along with hyaluronic acid, the water-based gel formula is packed with skin-soothing ingredients, like aloe leaf juice and green tea, birch leaf, & milk thistle extracts. It’s great on your skin especially after spending a day at the beach!


TJ’s Multi-Purpose Cleaner Cedarwood & Sage is a good one to have around the house. It took me a while to get used to it since we’re all so accustomed to using the usuals. I’m trying to move away from using products that contain so many toxic ingredients. This is gentle-yet-effective with plant-based cleaning power and has a nice but subtle, earthy scent.


Although I’m not really a fan of food scents, the Grapefruit Scented Candle is beyond delicious and perfect for the spring and summer seasons. I love that it’s paraben-free and made with a lead-free cotton wick that burns cleanly. It comes in a convenient, lidded tin, which makes it a fabulous travel companion and afterwards a great little storage container.


If you’re acquainted with my Skincare Routine then you know I’m a huge proponent of using toners as an essential part of my skincare routine. TJ’s Rose Water Facial Toner is formulated with real rose water and rose oil to moisturize and witch hazel to balance and tone. You can use it day or night after cleansing, and anytime you need a refresher or hydration. Best of all, it smells wonderful!

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