The Big E Snapshots with Glor

I want my daughter to grow up and be able to tell tales to her own kids someday about how awesome her mom was when she was growing up. I decided to surprise Glor this week and keep her with me for the day. We drove up to Massachusetts to hang out at the fall’s biggest fair in the Northeast known as The Big E. And indeed it was a great day! Glor had no idea I planned for this. The thing is I hate going to busy public places on the weekends. They get so loud and crowded for my taste. I sound like an old lady but it’s just how I prefer my outings. Just like we do in the summertime, we go to the beaches during the weekdays to avoid traffic, commotion and big crowds usually seen on weekends. But it seemed like every other stay at home mom had the same idea, or perhaps MA started school later than CT. There were plenty of moms and kids everywhere BUT there wasn’t the kind of crowd you would be up against had it been a weekend. Candy apples are my favorite treat of the fall! I’d say Glor had her fill of Cotton Candy. She loves this stuff, so much so that it’s all she wanted to eat! I on the other hand relished on my favorite fall fair treat, a deliciously juicy red Candy Apple. I grab these every chance I get when I visit fall fairs or pumpkin patches. Second to Apple Fritters, a giant red Candy Apple is my all time favorite.Fall fairs of New England.During the summer and fall seasons we visit the UCONN dairy farm to see all of the farm animals on display. Glor loves it because she gets to interact with them. During our visit to The Big E some farm animals were on display while most were away for shows. The sheep are our favorite farm animals. We find them so beautiful especially when full of wool. They are the most timid of all animals. Although they tend to graze in flocks they totally lack protection from predators while on their own which is perhaps why we value them so much, (note to self, give up my UGGS). We were so happy to see the ones that were available for petting.Another farm animal I adore and don’t get to see often around here are the Clydesdale Horses. These were also away getting ready for the parade and it was the only chance we got to see them. These majestic horses are so beautiful and impressive. I especially love the feathering on the lower legs.Aside from the food and pretty animals The Big E has quite an array of entertainment and rides. Glor was so happy to find out she would get to ride on all the teen rides instead of going on the kiddie ones. My sister joined her on this part of our visit. I sat and took photos with my mom since we refuse to get on those things. Needless to say they had a great time!One last note, a fair isn’t a fair if you don’t have a great big slab of Fried Dough with cinnamon and powdered sugar!I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead. And get out to a fair near you, they’re so much fun! I’ll be in Newport for the annual Wine & Food Festival so make sure to follow me on Instagram for all the fun scenes!



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