Our Powder Room Makeover Ideas

Our ‘powder room’ or most commonly known as the half bath, is directly adjacent to our mudroom as you enter from either the garage or front porch entries. It has gone through several looks over the years including wallpaper and various coats of paint. Today I’m sharing my plans for a little decor makeover that I think this room desperately needs.

When we built the house the half bath was configured to include the washer and dryer, as was the trend 22+ years ago, but we were ahead of our time. We scratched those plans and instead had a laundry room built on the second floor near the bedrooms, best decision everrr! That change left us with a spacious half bath that includes a window, a large vanity, 73″ to be exact, toilet and a good sized utility closet.

The vanity cabinet is a well made Shaker style that is still holding strong. I like the simple look of Shaker furniture because of its traditional craftsmanship and clean lines. TIP: if you’re searching for a style that defies trends and never looks dated, Shaker is it. The doors, drawers and hinges are all in top shape and has withstood high traffic. It would be a shame for us to rip it out and toss. Instead, I’m going to revive it by giving it a coat of paint (white or navy and yet to be determined) and new hardware. These two elements alone will transform the look of the cabinet.

Aside from painting the cabinet and new hardware, we’ll replace the old countertop with a beautiful Carrara marble and built in sink, new sink fixtures (brass or brushed nickel) and new lighting (either vintage gold or brushed nickel). I’m also considering wallpaper for a touch of pizzazz.

My Wallpaper Picks: Peel & Stick and Traditional

The focal point of a bathroom is almost always the vanity. With that in mind I’m creating my bathroom makeover plans around the paint color I choose for the cabinet. In this space the vanity is literally the main focal point when you walk in the room. I want it to be bright and cheery and inviting. The mood boards I created share cohesiveness in color and represent my favorite decor design, palettes inspired by the sea. I think either of these would look great in any bathroom no matter the size.

The mood boards depict the theme I’d like to achieve, Palm Beach-y, coastal chic. With subtle differences, they serve as inspiration and will ultimately help me narrow down my picks. The white mood board gives off a casual and peaceful vibe (perfect for full bathrooms/spa) while the navy evokes a slightly more formal tone.

I’m legit having a hard time deciding. Ultimately whichever I choose for the powder room would also mean that the other would be a great alternative for when I decide to makeover the kids’ bathroom, it’s a win win, lol.

More coastal inspired powder rooms:

What do you think?

Make sure to check back for updates as I tackle this fun project and as always, thank you for visiting!

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  1. Julie W.
    07/31/2021 / 12:23 am

    Hi Rosa: I’m on team “white cabinet”😃. Here’s my reasoning: I love all your wallpaper selections and wonder if the navy blue cabinet would compete for attention and detract from the wallpaper. The white cab with marble counter is definitely classic. I think you can make the blue or white cabinet selections as formal or casual as you like depending on the accessories. You really won’t know about the cabinet color until you choose the wallpaper or vice-versa. I really like round mirror contrasting against the long counter. Would you need to lower the light fixtures? And pretty Chinese urns are always perfect. Regardless of what you choose, it will be lovely. These are both gorgeous plans you designed. Also, I used Benjamin Moore Advance using a microfine paint sprayer when I painted my guest bath cabinet. Silky smooth finish.

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