Have a great Weekend!

The light at the end of the tunnel is in full view! We finalize another work week and begin our playful weekend.

a pink bucket bag for flowers.

Have you ever replied to an invite, reluctantly, then to find another invite for a more “interesting” event and immediately decide to go to the latter? Guilty!  I really don’t make a habit of doing such things but it happened to me recently. Is that a social etiquette faux pas? I’ll have to look it up… 

Moving on. This weekend I had a full plate all planned out for NYC when MA decided to show up on my radar. Stay connected to my Instagram and Facebook page where I’ll be posting about my weekend brouhaha along with pics of my visit to Lee. 

and a few fun links…

  • I’m super duper excited and can’t wait to see the new collection! Don’t miss out!
  • Have you had a chance to see Cinderella? Awesome!
  • This is one shoe trend that needs to go away and never come back! Anyone else feel me on this one!?!
  • Trend alert and wallet friendly; the new “it bag” has never been hotter!
  • Here’s a little trivia for you: living in a digital world where selfies are the norm, have you ever wondered why people didn’t smile in old photographs?

Have a fantastic weekend my friends! See you next week!



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