Sally Hansen’s Miracle GEL Nails

Hello friends. Today I want to share with you my latest beauty find. Although I don’t do my own nails at home I do have a little princess that loves to get her dainty fingertips polished from time to time. So in my search for pretty polishes that would best suit her I came across Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel nail polishes. 

Sally Hansen miracle gel polishesSally Hansen's "Creme de la Creme" miracle gel polishmiracle gel nail polishThe color selection was insane! The little bottles look like a miniature grove of bright flowers! I chose two colors, a lovely coral color named “Pinky Rings” and this lovely pale color named “Creme de la Creme” for her, how fitting! The colors are pretty and not too bold.

The polish goes on smoothly and dries rather quick. The top coat does what it’s supposed to, adds great shine without the use of uv lights! The polish stayed on well over a week before I saw the first chip on her nail which is a good thing. Long lasting and great looking, it’s a good deal!

It’s an awesome alternative nail polish for a little girls who love to pretty up their fingertips without the extra expense of manicures or exposure to light rays or harsh chemicals. And best of all we love the time well spent together.

Wanna know what she calls her nails now?, “marshmallows!”miracle-gel-nail-polish3
Have a great day friends!



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