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La Foresta RestaurantBows and off the shoulder top. @loftI recently visited La Foresta Restaurant located in the very tucked in town of Killingworth, CT. The drive down to this area is such a pretty one that my anticipation of getting there was non existent. At first glance when arriving at the restaurant you are welcomed by what looks like a huge barn. It’s actually quite lovely. I love the rustic mediterranean charm of the establishment in rural New England.La Foresta RestaurantDining at la Foresta RestaurantBeing married to an Italian-American has allowed me to become acquainted with Italian cuisine. It is perhaps one of my favorites and easiest to cook. When browsing through the dinner menu at La Foresta I came across many dishes I’m familiar with and couldn’t wait to dig in! La Foresta dining.Clams Casino for the win! Although not an Italian dish it is a New England original!La Foresta dining.This dish was part of their seasonal special. Fried Squash Blossoms is an Italian favorite and one I was eager to try. I especially loved the simple pesto sauce that made this appetizer fabulous!La Foresta dining.Ahh, there’s just something about fried foods! Arancini, or risotto deep fried balls. Saffron risotto stuffed with mozzarella, prosciutto and basil over pomodoro sauce. Heavenly!La Foresta dining.I am a huge sea bass fan and this Mediterranean Sea Bass with baby spinach and truffle whipped potatoes was a wonderfully made dish.One of my favorite dishes and one that I make often at home is chicken picatta. The North Atlantic Grilled Salmon with a lemon caper butter sauce was reminiscent of my dish but a thousand fold better! The lobster mashed potatoes added an extra layer of goodness to this already amazing dish! I loved the seasonal veggies that accompanied the dish.And now for my favorite part of any meal! We chose classic Italian desserts. You just can’t go wrong with Tiramisu and Canolis accompanied by steaming cups of caffè and cappuccino!La Foresta dining.I had a wonderful evening while at La Foresta. I was seated in the main dining room and although a very large room with vaulted ceilings the ambiance was quite relaxing and intimate. I loved all the beautiful artwork throughout the whole restaurant which gives the place an almost museum-like appearance.  

There is a beautiful Wine Room across the way from the main dining area but on this night there was a private event. I couldn’t take photos of the room at the time but the restaurant’s site has beautiful pictures of the room as well as the large porch room that is also available for big parties. I highly recommend La Foresta Restaurant. I can’t wait to be back again!

La Foresta Restaurant 163 Route 81 Killingworth, CT, 06419 (860) 663-1155 


Special thanks to La Foresta for hosting our dinner. Views and opinions expressed are my own.

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