Have A Lovely Weekend

I’m elated to see Daffodils and Tulips everywhere! For me they are the official sign of spring regardless of the occasional drop in temperature. I’m also excited to once again have the boys back home if only for the weekend. I decided to play hooky from work and spend time with them instead…

On a more personal note, I wanted to briefly mention something that is incredibly common and so often misunderstood. I don’t mean to bring the blues to you, but I wanted to share a very important issue that is close to my heart and one which so many people suffer from. It is often referred to as “the silent killer.” I’m talking about depression.

I have a sibling that has a constant battle with depression. As an outsider looking in, it’s pretty scary. I didn’t always understand it and I certainly still don’t know how to handle it well but I’ve come to the conclusion that people who suffer from depression desperately need help and we have to help them find it. It isn’t my job to babysit nor is it my job to diagnose, but when you come face to face with the reality that someone you love could potentially hurt themselves because they can’t seem to find a way out of their unhappiness, well, that’s when you have to step in.

The unhappiness I’m referring to is not the passing phase of one being upset at not getting the dream job or the failing of an important exam. I’m talking about a constant burden, guilt, frustration, inadequacy, loneliness, anxiety and heavy load of feeling blue that overwhelms these individuals and their lives. It pretty much incapacitates them!

If you happen to know someone who is battling depression, stay firm, stay strong and be supportive. It’s a lot to ask especially when one has a life with pressures of one’s own, but at the end of the day, you will go to bed knowing you did good for someone else. You made a difference. They are better off because of it.

I was watching TV the other day and came across a commercial that was spotlighting a new episode of a TV show. I don’t know what it was or when it airs but one single line from that 5 second snippet stayed engraved in my mind forever.

“…mom, talk to her, call her because your life is much better than hers.” 

I’m not better than her, by any means, but I do have the means to help make it better for her… I hope you all have a lovely weekend with the ones you love!

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Image via Pinterest. My English blue and white teacups and spring flowers.



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  1. 08/08/2014 / 4:26 pm

    Beautiful post, thank you for sharing the link with me. Your blog is lovely.

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