Rustic Lemon Spring Cake

A little known fact, I used to make weddings cakes as a hobby years ago. Mainly for friends and family. The word got out and the next thing I knew my summers were booked with wedding cake deliveries! Needless to say I gave up the hobby, the beach is much more important to me…

Fast forward some umpteen years later and although I don’t make wedding cakes anymore, every so often I get that feeling to create something delicious, pretty and crafty. My latest concoction is this fabulous rustic lemon cake. I’m totally digging all things ‘rustic’ as of late which in this case makes things much easier. By letting go of the perfection that usually comes with creating a pretty cake I’m opting for a more rustic look instead. It’s all the hype right now and everyone’s loving it!Rustic Lemon Spring Cake!How to make a Rustic Lemon Spring Cake. Super easy!I’ve also decided to go the super easy route with this recipe. Usually I make all my cakes from scratch but I wanted this to be as simple as possible in order to allow you to enjoy your beautiful creation with little fuss. By using store bought cake mix you cut the prepping time by a lot!

The only thing you’ll invest some time in is making the frosting, which by the way is easy as heck! As you can see, frosting the cake is of no concern, hence the rustic look, you just can’t go wrong! When arranging the fresh flowers make sure to use a small piece of wax paper ON top of the cake and then placing the flowers on top of the paper, unless you’re using edible flowers, which in this case I didn’t.

[yumprint-recipe id=’9′]How to make a delicious Rustic Lemon Spring Cake! Recipe for a delicious rustic lemon spring cake!


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