Camel & Stripes

Dressing up stripes with @fatface.Spending time at a place where I can dream big dreams is always welcomed. But just when I thought we were gonna coast through with mild weather into the spring season the temperature quickly cooled back down enough to have to pull out a winter piece, so is New England… First worn here, my camel coat with the detachable faux fur collar has become my favorite winter apparel. I love finding wardrobe pieces that can double duty, don’t you? Dressed up or as in this case dressed down, the camel coat is not only practical but functional.@fatface stripes and camel for the win! Camel and stripes. #streetstyle @fatfaceCamel and stripes. #streetstyle How to style casual stripes. @fatface Coat | Top | Jeans | Booties | Sunnies | Necklace 

Right now lace-up tops are having a major moment but stripes are always a good idea. It’s no secret I love stripes as seen here, here and here to show a few. They’re classic and chic, very French and best of all nautical. No matter the season or the color, there’s just something special about wearing stripes especially when by the sea…

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