Kitchen Must-Haves

As soon as I got a date for when the demolition team would arrive to rid of our old kitchen cabinetry I went into full force kitchen purge! The whole family joined in pulling out all sorts of things I’d forgotten I had and things I just didn’t use, need or want. I was shocked by the amount of stuff I had collected over the years.

I found stained or ripped cook books, tons of magazines, pots with missing handles or lids, poor quality pans, destroyed trays, mismatched dishes and cracked cups, you name it I had it, and all were just sitting there taking up precious space. I even found the original plans of the house! Needless to say, I had fun getting rid of things. Kitchen essentials! Utensil Holder | Wooden Spoons | Pasta Bowls | Dutch Oven | Marble & Wood Boards | Stemless Wine Glasses | Tablet/Book Stand

On top of my kitchen must have list is the Le Creuset Dutch Oven. I had a Martha Stewart Dutch Oven I’d purchased nearly 20 years ago and I swear by this pot! I used it so often that it eventually started to chip and rust was beginning to appear around the hardware so I had to get rid of it. It is now high time for a new one and I can’t wait to get cooking with it!

A super practical piece of dinnerware is the ‘pasta bowl’. You can NEVER have enough bowls in the kitchen! And since regular breakfast bowls aren’t big enough for my boys anymore, I decided to stack up on these bowls that also work double duty as small serving pieces.

A great kitchen trend I’m currently loving are the marble and wood cutting/cheese boards. Not only are they practical and pretty but they look great stacked up against your backsplash for an added touch of rustic decor! By the way, all of these kitchen essentials make for great gift ideas too!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you found my kitchen must have idea list helpful. And remember to come back soon for more of my kitchen remodel updates! 



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