Cirque Éloize Saloon at Foxwoods

Connecticut events at @foxwoods@cirqueeloize Saloon at @foxwoodsFun at @foxwoods with @cirqueloize Saloon!Over the weekend we went to the opening night of the latest Cirque Éloize musical acrobatics show, ‘ Saloon’ premiering at Foxwoods Resort Casino. We have previously seen the amazing Cirque Éloize production, like this one last year, and I have to say this year’s performance was once again fantastic! 

The show was centered around a wild west theme with a complicated love story, but with a happy ending. The acrobatic performances were just amazing. For me, the best part of the entire show was the fantastic modern western music! I absolutely LOVED the music and how it played so well with the story.
Cirque Éloize Saloon at @foxwoods.@cirqueeloize Saloon at @foxwoods.@cirqueeloize Saloon at @foxwoodsCirque Eloize Saloon at @foxwoodsNot only did the performers exhibit great acrobatic feats but they are also very talented musicians. In the show they played a piano, violins, banjos, drums and guitars, (although I think I might’ve missed a couple other instruments…) They were truly amazing! Cirque Eloize Saloon at @foxwoodsWe met for an after-show reception with Foxwoods management and with the show performers as well. We were greeted with some champagne and sweets, although by this time of the night I chose to have some delicious hot coffee… The girls had a great time watching the show and we couldn’t have had a more pleasant family evening! Cirque Eloize Saloon reception at @foxwoodsCirque Eloize Saloon reception at @foxwoodscirque-eloize-saloon-ldp7cirque-eloize-ldp7@CirqueEloize Saloon at @foxwoodsCirque Éloize Saloon is a family friendly event sure to amaze everyone! The show runs through Sunday, August 21st with various show times at the beautiful Fox Theatre at Foxwoods Resort Casino

$20 TO $95
 August 17, 7:30 PM | August 18, 7:30 PM | August 19, 8:00 PM | August 20, 4:00 PM & 8:00 PM | August 21, 2:00 PM &  7:00 PM

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This post was written in collaboration with Foxwoods Resort Casino for a special presentation of Cirque Eloize Saloon. All views expressed are strictly my own.


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