Dinner with Robert Irvine

The Society Room in Hartford, Robert Irvine dinner eventrobert-irvine-xfinity-dinner-ldp001I recently joined Xfinity Comcast for dinner with celebrity Chef Robert Irvine at Hartford’s fabulous Society Room, and what a dinner it was! From a live cooking segment to the delectable succulent steak, we couldn’t have asked for a better evening with such a great guy.

Chef Irvine spent some time chatting with us before the dinner began. He’s very much a family man, and although he has a very regimented lifestyle he still makes time for the more important things. He was more than gracious in sharing tips on how to use time wisely to cook, travel and of course work out. Of all his priorities, keeping in touch with his wife and daughter while traveling most of the year is of utmost importance hence Chef Irvine relies on Xfinity for all his communication needs.
irvine-dinner-ldp7@xfinity with Chef Robert Irvinexfinity-irvine-dinner-ldp1xfinity-irvine-dinner-ldp3xfinity-irvine-dinner-ldp5irvine-dinner-ldp10irvine-dinner-ldp1irvine-dinner-ldp4After a fantastic lesson on steaks and other culinary essentials Chef Irvine whipped an amazing dinner for us. This is where I got the idea for my ‘T-Bone Steak with Rosemary & Cinnamon’ recipe. I had never tasted such savory flavors in a meat dish. As soon as I got home I brain stormed to replicate the meal. Of course you can’t duplicate authenticity so I just came up with my own version and it was pretty darn good!irvine-dinner-ldp3irvine-dinner-ldp5irvine-dinner-ldp6xfinity-irvine-dinner-ldp6irvine-dinner-ldp9irvine-dinner-ldp8We had a fantastic evening with Chef Irvine. He was both entertaining and informative, and yes, that was Vin learning some very important tips on cooking.

Chef Irvine’s latest cook book, ‘Fit Fuel’ has amazing recipes that the average cook can create. Healthy, quick and delicious, it’s also a great guide for those looking to amp up their diet. A side note, now I have to add Vegas to my bucket list since Chef Irvine is opening a restaurant featuring his amazing dishes in 2017! 


Special thanks to Xfinity Comcast for inviting me to this wonderful culinary event!


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