High Waist With a Flare

High waist flare jeans spring style @anntaylorHigh waist flare jeans @anntaylor White high waisted flare jeans @anntaylor via @ladydianaspearlsChic popover with @bananarepublic spring style.High waist flare jeans and a chic popover @anntaylor @bananarepublicHigh waist flare jeans @anntaylorHigh waist flare jeans @anntaylorChic pinstripe popover @bananarepublic via @ladydianaspearls

Ann Taylor Stripe Popover & Flare Jeans | Dooney & Bourke bag, similar | MK watch | Alex & Ani bracelet | MK wedges, similar 

Welcome back friends! This week’s style post was a fashion fluke of sorts. I don’t know about you but when I hear the term ‘high waist jeans’ I always think that 70’s look. It’s not exactly the kind of trend I’m particularly fond of so I’ve always shied away from wearing these types of jeans. Plus, I always thought the idea behind them was to help women with longer torsos look a little more balanced.

Anyway, when I bought these jeans I didn’t realize they were high waisted until I got home (I don’t typically like to try on clothes while shopping), I actually rather make multiple trips to the store. So when I put them on I noticed that they felt different, the cut was just not right. As you can imagine I was super disappointed. Then I saw the inside tag that read ‘high waist.’ Why didn’t I see that before is beyond me! They felt so awkward. I was pulling and tugging and trying to adjust over and over, ugh, beyond frustrating!

Fast forward a couple days and I finally got to wrap my mind around the jeans. I happen to really like the flare on the legs so I decided to give them a shot and embrace the different look, kinda step out of my comfort zone. I guess I don’t mind the high waist so much although honestly speaking, I’m not sure I’ll purchase another pair any time soon…

How about you? What are your thoughts on high waisted jeans?



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