Pineapple Obsession

Pineapple decor for the home with @westelm and @onekingslaneHave you noticed the obsession with pineapples in recent years? Having my roots connected to the caribbean I have always enjoyed eating this wonderful fruit all my life. I especially love how it makes the kitchen smell sooo good as it slowly ripens on the counter! And don’t even get me started on those amazing cocktails!

However, I got a different glimpse of pineapples when I first visited Newport, RI years ago. I saw homes decorated with pineapple accessories especially on their entrances and as door knockers. I was immediately enamored with the pineapple themes and decided to do a little research. Pineapple obsession spring styles. @anntaylor, @jcrew, @talbots and @lillypulitzerThe pineapple has been Newport’s symbol of hospitality since the 1650’s, when sea captains returning to Newport from trade voyages placed them outside their homes to encourage visitors and welcome guests. A fresh pineapple displayed outside one’s home was a sign of a safe return from a trip and also that fresh goods were available for sale. Today the pineapples can be seen in all forms throughout Newport. From wooden carvings and flags, to chocolate candies, door knockers and welcome mats, the pineapple is a symbol of great hospitality!

Pineapple accessories! @katespadeny & @alexandani

I love the idea of what the pineapple stands for and I make sure to be hospitable to all who visit my home. I’m also glad the pineapple print has evolved into our wardrobe, accessories and home decor. I must admit I’ve been a little obsessed with it as of late. I started with a phone case and gradually added earrings, sandals and outfit pieces. I hope you too love this print, for it makes a great statement!



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