Bedroom Makeover

Bedroom makeover with soft whites.Soft white bedroom makeover.Soft white palette for a bedroom makeover. Soft white for a peaceful bedroom. Flowers, lace and metals!Take a cue from nature. Soft white palette for a restful bedroom.It's all in the details. Soft white palette for a restful bedroom.It's the little things. Metal, soft fabrics and a serene color palette create a super chic mood.Soft color palette and fabrics mixed with metal creates a super chic bedroom decor.Soft color palette and a mix of textures help create a chic look for the bedroom.Soft white palette for a restful bedroom.Miss CocoWall lamps vintage, similar | Window panels | Pier 1 Imports Ruffled Pillow | Lace Sheet Set, similar   Hotel Collection Comforter | Pier 1 Imports Glam Bee Pillow similar, similar | Pier 1 Imports throw | PBK, Emily + Meritt Polka Dot pillow 

It was a little over a year ago I did my first bedroom post, you can see it here. Just recently we decided on a paint haul throughout the entire house, including my bedroom. I’m quite happy with the results. I am thrilled to have chosen this soft white palette. Nothing says rest and relaxation than white walls and soft fabrics to curl into. 

Not much has changed in my bedroom except for new linens, wall color and window panels. I tend to gravitate toward feminine textures and I’m so glad He doesn’t mind too much. Besides, the metal and wood furniture more than makeup for it. I like the balance created by the hard and soft pieces. Mixing metal and wood furniture with soft fabrics creates a chic look that isn’t too girly. Keeping the wall color neutral and minimum wall decor also lets the bed be the focal point in the room. The room feels neat and organized, key to a good night’s rest.

Overall the simple lines, easy colors and cozy fabrics help create a peaceful environment, exactly what I was going for. Clutter free is a must for a healthy sleeping environment and it helps create necessary living space for other things. I really like the new color scheme and I think I’ll enjoy it for quite some time…


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  1. Isabel
    04/15/2016 / 5:45 am

    Love the new colors. i agree, soft white is classic and makes the room feel serene. Nice pick!

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