Got Water?

Although I don’t think I’m as guilty as most people for not doing this, I’m starting my new year with a focus on just getting better! 

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  1. The most obvious reason of all is that drinking water helps you look younger by keeping skin hydrated. It reduces wrinkles by filling in and plumping the skin. Isn’t that worthy of an 8 oz. glass right now?
  2. Beauty tip alert; warm water opens pores and cold water closes them to help create a healthy facial glow and even skin tones! Do this before applying your moisturizer for a long lasting effect: soak a washcloth in steaming hot water and then lay it on your face for a few minutes, or you can do a facial steam. Afterwards splash your face for about 4-5 times with really cold water. This therapy invigorates and tightens the skin. The same treatment can be done for your hair. After washing your hair add the moisturizer and leave on for a couple minutes. Rinse with cold water and voila, beautiful glossy shiny hair!
  3. Water is the best remedy for flushing out toxins! Drink lots of it. But how much is enough? Only you know how much you can handle. I typically drink between 36-40 oz. most days, more during the warmer months. 
  4. Drinking enough water combats skin disorders like psoriasis and eczema. 
  5. Where did those tears come from? You got it, stored water. Aside from lubricating and protecting your eyes, water makes them nice and white, clear and sparkly, which will instantly make you look younger and happier!
  6. Dry lips are the ultimate sign of dehydration! Grab that bottle of water asap and within a few hours your lips will be plump and smooth again!
  7. Hunger pangs? Don’t mistake them for actual hunger. Usually all your body is asking for is some H2O!

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I happen to LOVE water. I drink lots of it all the time. And fyi, I drink it room temp! Yep, you got that right, I don’t ever drink my water iced cold, although I’ve read drinking it iced cold revs up your metabolism… anyway, I just grab a bottle from my kitchen and pop open to drink. Most people think I’m weird, but I’m just used to it. When I’m at a restaurant I always ask for it without ice and then I get the stares… Anywho, there you have it, the best advice on the benefits of drinking nature’s number one free beauty enhancer! 

Now if I can actually find a happy medium between lattes and vino…

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  1. 02/10/2015 / 9:10 pm

    All I ever drink is water so I’m right there with you cept I love ice in mine. I would be one of those people starting at you with a head tilt? lol

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