Blooming House

Anybody else feeling the dreadful winter blues? I’ve just about had enough of the snow!

Moving forward, what to do with all those pretty flowers you received for Valentine’s Day. Don’t just let them sit there to die, instead be creative! I’ve assembled a few options that you can easily make at home that will enhance your favorite room in the house and make your blooms last a bit longer.

Picking out the best blooms from the bunch is the first thing to do. Depending on how big the original bouquet is you can create several small arrangements that you can continue to display throughout the house. Remember to always trim off the stems to allow fresh water flow and always keep away from direct sunlight.

  • Using a small glass vase or a tall drinking glass or as in this case a small mason jar, pick out a few nice stems to display as a miniature arrangement at your dinner table. It’s a super easy way to extend the life of the flowers and show off your beautiful gift. small-floral-arrangements1(photo via clumsy chic)
  • Grab a couple  votives and place a few sprigs of flowers in them. Arrange them by size in your bathroom for an added splash of color and romance. It’s a sure way to bring a smile to your face every morning!small-floral-arrangements2(photo via hallmark)
  • Got vintage wine bottles laying around the house? Grab a few and display with your nicest stems. Great look for your kitchen!small-floral-arrangements3(photo via momtastic life)
  • An assortment of flower filled jars on the mantel. Don’t neglect the greens, they make great fillers on their own and enhance the total display.small-floral-arrangements4(photo via cafe johnsonia) 
  • A simple small arrangement next to candles of similar size on a stack of books is a super chic way to display the flowers on your coffee table.small-floral-arrangements5(photo via glitterguide)
  • Don’t forget to apply the same basics for your home office. There’s nothing quite as pretty than fresh blooms on your desk to help set a happy mood.small-floral-arrangements6(photo via belle vivir)
  • And of course flowers by your bedside are always a good idea! Play with different vases and styles to coordinate with your bedroom decor.small-flower-arrangement7(photo via runway chef)


  1. Isabel
    02/16/2015 / 5:53 pm

    I never thought of doing any of these before. I tend to leave the flowers as they come until they die off. Great ideas!

    • 02/17/2015 / 6:14 pm

      Thanks Isabel. I follow these tips and I end up with flowers lasting for almost 3 weeks!

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