Fall Bucket List

This past summer was another one for the books. I got to spend lots of time at the beach and visit Newport as much as possible. It’s no secret I love summer but I really do look forward to the fall season. I love nature’s beautiful changing colors, the cooler temps for cuddling and fires and I absolutely love the delicious aroma of pies baking in the oven!

It isn’t officially fall (yet), we still have another week and a half to go, but it sure has been feeling like it around here! We’ve had very chilly nights and mild days and I’ve already brought out just about all of my sweaters, cardigans and jackets.

I also originally had plans to go to the city for NYFW. I look forward to the fun and excitement that is NYC and meeting up with fellow bloggers. I had my hotel booked, train tickets, show passes, after-party events and even glam time scheduled when I decided to cancel everything last minute. Why would you do that, you might ask?

Well, I just hate leaving my family behind.

As much as I love blogging and everything that goes along with it, I don’t particularly enjoy being without my family. Prancing around in a big city during fashion week and staying at fabulous hotels drinking rosé with other girls sounds like loads of fun; but not when I’m missing out on putting my baby girl to bed at night.

That’s ridiculous you might think, but see, the thing is my family always comes first. My daughter comes first. And if I’m going to enjoy the big city and be catered to, I rather do it with them. There’s always next year…Fall bucket list 2017!Having said that, my fall bucket list is what I LOVE doing with my family. It’s pretty much the same things as from previous years, but that’s how traditions are made. My family and I enjoy doing these things together. We look forward to it every year. And now with the boys all having girlfriends, well the fun has gotten better. They love picking apples, visiting fairs and jumping into old wagons for hay rides. They especially love my baking apples into amazing pies. This time of year is so lovely here in the northeast and I plan on making the most of it!

I’m also looking forward to this year’s Newport Mansions Wine & Food Festival. It’s always a fantastic event with so many things to do, see and try. The food is amazing, to say the least, the drinks are endless and fun to taste and the cooking demonstrations are engaging and creative. My family will of course be with me and best of all, you can’t beat the location! It’s the way I officially end summer! If you can’t make it to the festival make sure to follow along on my Instagram stories for some of the fun!

Happy pre-fall!


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