‘City by The Sea’ Snapshots

Recently on Instagram I welcomed new followers with a little bio of myself. It included small talk about why I visit Newport, RI so frequently. Normally I don’t share family photos of our vacations but since some of you were curious I decided to do a quick snapshot recap of our recent visit.

As you may already know, Newport is a beautiful city with amazing history. One of the main reasons Newport is famous for are the ‘summer cottages’ lined up on Bellevue Ave. You can see glimpses of these from previous visits here and here. These homes were built by some of America’s early privileged families for the sole purpose of enjoying summers by the sea, hence the town is referred to as the ‘city by the sea.’

I’m skipping the summer cottages today and focusing on candid snaps from around town. If you follow me on Snapchat and Instagram you may have already seen some of these that I posted. Hope you enjoy!Local fishermen view from Castle Hill Light, Newport, RIWatching fishermen from Castle Hill Light. Chartered sailboats are always a beautiful sight all over the coast.Castle Hill Light.Friendly Newport seagull land for a visit.Bowen's Ferry Landing, Newport, RIA popular dockage for boaters and ferries alike.View from Long Wharf of the Newport Yachting Center Marina, one of the finest yachting facilities in New England.Admiring a bronze seashell at the Newport Shipyard.The perfect (and best) summer frozen lemonade anywhere! You can spot the vendors all over town including on the beach! Beach Two, Middletown. One of several days at the beach with the kids and Vin.The Lobster Bar, Newport, RI.My eldest son Vinny and his girlfriend Taylor. The Lobster Bar is now a favorite place for boiled lobsters and fish & chips with amazing water views! Before it became a popular eating facility this used to be a place where the local fishermen brought in their daily catch. When my kids were little their grandfather would bring them here and they would have a blast looking at and touching all sorts of sea creatures. He would then buy the freshest catch of the day and grandma would later cook it all for dinner!@loft teeEarly morning coffee walk around the neighborhood before the tourists waltz in.He is my compass and my anchor.A must do (and we do it all the time) while in Newport travel the coast in scooters. Ocean Drive or as it’s known to the locals, Ten Mile Drive, is a beautiful drive of the historic district along the southern shore of Newport. And yes, Coco came along for the ride!Or you can always rent bikes to cruise around town…The floor entrance of another favorite restaurant, Benjamin’s. Make sure to ask for the ‘Mother Shucker!’There isn’t ever a boring day in Newport. There is always a lot happening around town. When the weather isn’t perfect for beaching we bring out the fishing rods. Goat Island.Purgatory Chasm. Across the way from this cliff is Beach Two in Middletown. We always walk over all the giant rocks and climb the side of  the cliff to the very top. The kids walk ocean side halfway down the steep cliff and then dive into the ocean!Early evening on Ocean Drive. @talbots stripe top & blue skort.Fort Adams.As is with most New England towns in the summer, hydrangeas are a sight to see! You can find them ALL over this town. Here is a cascade of beautiful blooms along the majestic gates of one of Bellevue Ave mansions. These have become my favorite summer flower with peonies being my favorite spring flower.A sight to behold! The sun setting over Newport Bridge. Watching this happen live was quite breath taking. This bible passage came to mind: “For his invisible qualities are clearly seen from the world’s creation onward, because they are perceived by the things made, even his eternal power and Godship, so that they are inexcusable…” – Romans 1:20


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  1. Isabel
    07/26/2017 / 8:35 pm

    This is such a great post! I love how you included things most people don’t know about. I can’t wait to visit!

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