Kitchen Remodel Week 8

Hello friends! Thanks for coming back and hanging in there with me for what feels like yesterday when I began this project. Is it really week eight, or nine?! I think I’ve lost track! If you aren’t up to date with my kitchen remodel shenanigans take a quick peek at my previous posts to get an idea of what’s been happening. You can see the progress begin here and then again here.

I was uber happy that the stone people were able to cut out our granite with minimal seams. By minimal I mean we have just ONE seam and you can’t even see it! They did a fantastic job installing it.Viscon White Granite for the kitchen.Next up was the backsplash. This was by far what I most wanted to see get done! I’m sooo happy with the results. We ended up having to order more tiles because we decided to tile all the way up to the ceiling where the range hood is installed making the whole look uniform and complete.

We also chose this fantastic herringbone design for the area beneath the hood to give the range a little style kick. I think the installers did an amazing job!Carrera Marble subway tiles for backsplash.As soon as I was able to begin to put things away I jumped at the chance! I hated seeing all my stuff laying around my dining room in such chaos! I began with the always find joy in everything! Gloria had fun during the whole remodeling project as she quickly established a hide-n-seek game of sorts with the microwave area…All the lighting finally went up and I just couldn’t be happier with my picks! One thing I want to add about lighting is that at first we put regular chandelier incandescent bulbs. Although it looks great they tend to distribute a yellowish tone which I didn’t like in the kitchen along with TONS of shadows. 

We decided to go with LED bulbs instead. They are pricier but well worth the investment! Not only is the lighting a clear soft white, my pick out of various temperature tones, but they look great and they are supposed to last for years!@jossandmain clear glass globe pendants for the kitchen island.So we’re just about finished, whew! The only things left to do is paint the rest of the kitchen area which I’m hoping to get done this weekend with a fantastic new color I picked out called London Fog #1541 by Benjamin Moore. I’m actually gonna do all the painting myself with perhaps a little help from Ms. Gloria. And I’ll be visiting some local antique shops in hopes of finding some new wall decor as I’m trying to achieve a semi country French decor theme… Follow along on Snapchat (rmd0610) for some behind the scenes look at what I’ll been doing…

And that should pretty much wrap things up! I’m sooo excited and relieved that we’re almost done. I can’t wait to finally put it all together and maybe the next time you visit for an update I’ll most likely have the big reveal, although it may take the whole month of January to break it down for you! I assure you, you won’t want to miss it!

Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic weekend!


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