Kitchen Remodel Week 4

Hello friends and welcome back. Thanksgiving as you know is always a hectic day for everyone and such was my week to say the least. Phew, I think that was probably the longest holiday week I’ve ever experienced! Literally I’m thankful for my beautiful sister in law Denise who offered to have us over for dinner. She did a fantastic job cooking an amazing meal and her home was as fabulous as always. The kids love hanging with their cousins and it makes it all worth while. We’re truly blessed to have such a wonderful family!

Meanwhile, we’re trekking along and we’re finally beginning to see progress. 

At this point we had the granite tops installed along with the sinks. I chose a deep double bowl stainless sink for the main area and a bar sink for the island. Both adorn this gorgeous stainless spout by KRÄUS from the Oletto collection. I decided to go with a minimalistic look for the sinks by choosing a single handle faucet thus avoiding extras.I also decided to go with new lighting for the kitchen. I chose these globe pendants from Joss & Main because I found them to lend a vintage chic look that will go nicely with my transitional kitchen theme. They are ready to be hung and twinkle and I can’t wait to show them off!The Hackworth 3 Light Pendant from @jossandmain. Perfect for over the kitchen island lighting!All the appliances were delivered and snuggled right into their respective spots. I chose SAMSUNG since I already own a SAMSUNG front load washer and dryer set. I’ve had these for about 7 years now and I couldn’t be happier. I have them serviced every other year to make sure things are fine and so far they have been great. I figured I should stick with what I know works. The new double oven range even has WIFI accessibility and I simply can’t wait to start cooking again and learn to use all the new gadgets.And now for the real juice. As you can see above, the range area is not finished… We hit a MAJOR snag in week three! You can’t possibly expect a smooth transition when it comes to big projects, am I right? That’s also when I came down with a huge head cold to make matters worse and I was pretty much in bed all week…

The biggest conundrum of the entire project was when we realized we didn’t like the hood we ordered for the range area. I know, can you believe it! To see the plans on paper and then in real life you soon realize how different it can all be. We ended up reordering that entire section of cabinetry thus adding to the project timeline about another two weeks! We’ll revisit this conversation in the next post… The crown molding is now pushed back because of the new cabinetry section that has to be installed. As soon as that section is up the entire crown molding will be finished off.

Due this week: The cabinet hardware is here and ready to be installed. I picked these gorgeous Amerock handles from the Davenport collection in satin nickel finish. They have a nice weight to them and lend an eclectic touch for my transitional kitchen.@amerok Davenport center handles for kitchen.Our electrician still has so much to do. He placed some outlets already but not all. All the lighting is here and ready to be installed. The built in island microwave is due to arrive this week as well. The beautiful Carrara marble subway tiles I told you about for the backsplash have arrived and is ready to get done. I can’t wait! 

Did I forget to mention anything else? I’m not sure but what I am sure is that the next post we’ll have made some huge progress and we’ll be closer yet to the big reveal! Stay tuned… 

Have a fabulous week ahead!


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