Rustic Apple Dumplings

Not only did I have fun picking apples earlier this season but I’ve twice enjoyed cooking with them! This recipe is basically part of a simple apple pie recipe but much easier! I tweaked it a bit to give it my own rustic touch. And thanks to Wewalka Danish Pastry Dough it was even easier to get the job done!How to make Rustic Apple Dumplings! I love how Wewalka doughs are delicately rolled onto parchment paper and sealed in easy-to-open sleeves. No sticky dough that must be separated, stretched or re-formed. You simply unroll the dough, add the ingredients and bake, it was that easy! Whenever I can cut corners when cooking (without sacrificing flavor) I jump on it. The only elbow grease involved in this recipe is the coring and peeling of the apples! 

[yumprint-recipe id=’65’]Apple Dumplings with @wewalkaHow to make super easy Rustic Apple Dumplings with @wewalka pastry dough!How to make rustic apple dumplings with @wewalka pastry dough! How to easy to make rustic dumplings with @wewalka pastry dough! These Rustic Apple Dumplings are seriously super easy to make and are amazingly delicious. Working with the Wewalka pastry dough helped cut on time making this recipe a new classic favorite!A new fall favorite, Rustic Apple Dumplings! How to make this super easy new fall fave, Rustic Apple Dumplings!


Much thanks to Wewalka for sponsoring this post. All views are my own.


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