Early Fall Transition Staples

Transitioning style with @loft and @anntaylorWelcome back friends! First I have to tell you that shooting pre-fall looks in 90+ degrees is no joke! I originally had a really nice light-weight long sleeve but had to leave it out because it was just too darn hot to wear. The jeans alone was enough to cause the sweat beads on my forehead. The photos were taken after 5:00 pm when the sun wasn’t beaming as strong but the humidity was still hanging around 80% which caused my hair to totally flip out! Anyway, we got it done.anntaylor-top-loft-skinnies-rebeccaminkoff-bag-ldp1-2

fall-transition-staples-ldp2early-transition-staples-ldp5How to transition into early fall staples. @loft skinnies and @toms #nsale booties. How to easily and subtly transition into fall staples.How to slowly transition with early fall staples. @loft @anntaylor @rebeccaminkoffEarly transition staples for fall. @anntaylor and @loftHow to slowly transition into fall staples. Pre-fall transition staples.How to add early fall staples into your wardrobe. @toms AT Sleeveles Top | LOFT Skinny Jeans | TOMS bootiesRebecca Minkoff crossbody c/o Shopbop | Kate Spade bangles c/o Shopbop | Madewell ring c/o Shopbop | Kate Spade Watch | Kate Spade sunnies

One thing I have to stress about this look is that it’s totally easy to create, it’s transitional and it’s an everyday kind of look that you’ll definitely find me wearing over and over again. More than anything else I love to wear sleeveless tops. If you’re like me and don’t like layering long sleeves these are great for when the temps begin to drop a little, just throw on a beautiful scarf like this one or this one or a nice simple cardi. 

I’m really looking forward to wearing jeans again. I’ve missed them. I recently added this new pair to my collection because a. I’ve gained weight (even though I’m working out, sigh) and b. I wanted a simple look without the distressed denim. The slightly frayed hem works nicely without all the rips.

And you guys, these booties were one of two great finds during the #nsale! Did you get to see what happened with a couple of my #nsale purchases on snapchat (@rmd0610)? Booties are a fall and winter staple although these not so much for obvious reasons. But I love the bold color, the stitched suede and the open toe style. They’re perfect for now and later. Can you believe these are TOMS?

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*insider tip; when shopping for transitioning wardrobe pieces take a look at the current season’s clearance sales. You may be surprised at how many items you can find in styles and colors that will work great into the new season for a fraction of the cost! 


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