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Vinted Restaurant, 'rosemary paloma' brunch cocktail.Vinted Restaurant, 'risotto balls" appetizer.@vinted 'Loaded Bloody Mary' #brunch #cocktail@vinted brunch 'Burrito'@vinted 'escargot & grits' for brunch!@vinted brunch menu, 'chorizo handwich!"@vinted 'hot fudge sundae' brunch.@vinted sweet treats, 'coffee creme brûlée', brunch!'Sundae' fun @vinted new brunch menu!

If you follow along on Instagram you got a little glimpse of my recent visit to Vinted Wine & Bar in West Hartford, CT. Although it wasn’t my first visit to the very chic restaurant it was my very first taste of a fantastic brunch menu ever!

I, along with my baby girl and our two beautiful girlfriends headed over to Vinted to check out their new brunch menu introduced that same day. It was, to say the least, a very indulgent experience. Can you tell the size of the incredible Loaded Bloody Mary, OMG! It was literally a meal on its own. Kat and I each ordered one and then we looked at each other like, WTH are we gonna do with this!

The portions were fantastic, just right for the heavy hitters that often do brunch and the flavors were unique and eclectic. Who would’ve thought how great Escargot & Grits are together; American south meets Parisian chic! The Chorizo Handwich was a favorite and the Breakfast Burrito equally filling. A plate of giant Waffles made its way to the table but Penelope was too quick for me and dug in before I could take pics! 

The sweets are part of the regular menu but who can resist a Fudgey Sundae or a Coffee Creme Brûlée? We were beyond satisfied and we’ll definitely be back for more. I can’t wait try some of the other plates on the menu!

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A very special thanks to Vinted for hosting this amazing brunch and A Little Bird Told Me, PR. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.


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