Pumpkin Urns

Fall decor, pumpkins on urns.Fall decor, pumpkin urns.Pumpkin stacked urns fall decor.Fall decor, stacked pumpkin urns.pumpkin urnsIf you’re anything like me you’ll often find yourself scouring through Pinterest for ideas. From fashion and beauty trends, to makeup tutorials, recipes and yes, home and garden decor. I came across this fantastic idea last year but unfortunately it was too late in the season for me to do. And since I promised myself to tackle it this year, out I went on the hunt for these gorgeous pumpkins. 

This fall arrangement is super easy to create, requires minimal tools and will totally dress up your home’s entrance!

For two urns arrangement you’ll need:

  • six pumpkins, two each of different colors with two additional sugar pumpkins for the tops (try to find pumpkins with the most flat bottoms and tops, otherwise the stacking will be incredibly difficult to accomplish)
  • two garden stakes about a yard long
  • flat moss
  • six leaf and berries faux flower stems
  • hammer

If your urns have tops like mine just invert them. This will be your flat surface for the pumpkins to sit on. If you don’t have tops for the urns make sure that your bottom pumpkin is wider than the circumference of the urn. Place your flat moss around the edges of the urns and then place your pumpkin on top. The pumpkins will keep the moss in place.

  1. begin by removing the stems from all the pumpkins; insert the stake with a hammer into the third smallest pumpkin; make sure it is level
  2. place the pumpkin on top of the next larger pumpkin and continue to hammer the stake through, take your time hammering because you do not want to crack the pumpkins!
  3. repeat for the last pumpkin until the stake is driven through all three
  4. you should have about two inches or so of stake left on top; trim to about a half inch (use a pair of scissors or garden clippers) 
  5. gently place the three tiered pumpkins on top of the urn (the moss should already be on the urn)
  6. carefully make a hole on the bottoms of the sugar pumpkins (a small knife will do the trick) and place them on the very top making sure to anchor them to the stake
  7. place three of the faux leaves and berries stems between the two larger pumpkins arranging them to cover any gaps

That’s it! You got yourself a gorgeous front door arrangement everyone will love. And don’t worry if it doesn’t turn out perfectly aligned, nothing in nature is! 

Thanks for stopping by friends. I hope you’ve enjoyed this simple craft. Leave me a comment or two and tell me what you think.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. 10/08/2015 / 8:48 am

    What a festive way to dress up your front door! I love the white pumpkins, I’d like to get a few of those myself.

    Chic on the Cheap

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