Octoberfest with Foxwoods

I’m not a gambler. Sure, I’ll gamble on a new recipe or take a chance on a new style trend but when it comes to money I don’t believe in taking a chance of losing it. With that said I recently visited Foxwoods Resort Casino for a night of #octoberfest fun.

It’s not always about the black jacks, slots or bingo. Sometimes it’s just about the shows, like the Cirque Eloize I went to a few weeks back which was absolutely fantastic. But this time it was more about the beer. Yep, #Octoberfest to be exact! I’m not a big beer fan but if you’re willing to treat me to some food, well then I’m in. It was a night full of fun with beers, giant salty buttery pretzels, german food, bowling and of course shopping!#octoberfest at @foxwoods#octoberfestWe met at Cedars Restaurant for some fantastic German beer guzzling fun. We sampled seven amazing beers some of which were great and some not so great. My two faves of the group were the Belgium made Kasteel Rouge which pretty much resembles Moscato or a cherry flavored liqueur, duh, and the other was the Bavarian made and incredibly refreshing Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier (try saying that three times fast) and to me it was very similar to a Blue Moon or Yuengling, which is why I liked it very much.
#octoberfest at @foxwoods#octoberfest at @foxwoods#octoberfest at @foxwoods#octoberfest at @foxwoodsAfter the beer tasting we had some time to do some shopping (actually the Mr. did the shopping) and then we met for bowling at High Rollers Luxury Lanes & Lounge! I never knew there was such a thing at the casino. And what a beautiful bowling alley it was! From glossy floors to tufted lounging seating to gorgeous chandeliers all steps away from a beautiful cherry and marble bar and servers on hand ready to whip up whatever you desired on a whim! Bowling was never more fun!#octoberfest bowling fun at @foxwoodsAfter working up an appetite we headed back to Cedar’s for a great German meal, more German beer and of course desserts and cappuccino to end the night!#octoberfest at Cedar's Restaurant in @foxwoodsoctoberfest_foxwoodsNeedless to say it was an incredibly fun and tasty night! I very much enjoyed sampling new things and the service through and through was nothing short of wonderful. Cedar’s Restaurant is definitely one I will visit again as well as the High Rollers Bowling Lanes with all the fabulous flare! There is so much to do, so much to see and taste at Foxwoods that you just can’t pack it all in in one night. 

For more on Foxwoods’ Octoberfest visit here! 

A huge special thanks to Foxwoods, Cedars and High Rollers for inviting me to this amazing event! Most pics are mine but some are courtesy of Foxwoods event photog. All opinions are strictly my own.

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