Martinis The Absolut Elyx Way

martinisLast week I met up with fellow CT bloggers for an evening of fun learning how to make martinis. The event was sponsored by Absolut Elyx and hosted by Max Fish Restaurant, a favorite of mine, in Glastonbury, CT.

Needless to say I was totally in for a treat. If you follow me on Instagram you already know how much I love martinis because I regularly post pics of martini drinks when I eat out. Partaking in an event like this one was a no brainer. I can drink martinis but I’m not schooled on how to make them, till now.  
absolut elyx tablescapeThe first thing that caught my eye was the gorgeous shiny copper pineapple glistening on the table, (fyi, you can purchase it on the Absolut Elyx website and each purchase helps people in need of water) and the other thing was the gorgeous table setting with the many glasses waiting to be sampled with martinis. martini class with @absolutelyxI didn’t know there are three versions of a martini (not mixers). This trio represents the three different ways you can make a martini: L-R the “classic dry martini,” 1:1 ratio, the “wet martini,” 1:2 ratio with vermouth (my fave) and the “perfect martini,” also 1:2 ratio but with a sweetener. Each was made with Absolut Elyx which promises to deliver a super smooth flavor due to the craftsmanship from single estate wheat and distilled by hand in a 1921 copper still to create the silky vodka, hence the copper pineapple. Absolut Elyx classic martiniMartini class with @absolutelyxabsolut elyx martini class@absolutelyx martiniI must admit this isn’t a drink for the faint. I really enjoy martinis but by that I mean mixed drinks and classic martinis are a completely different thing. Because I’m not fond of intense alcohol in any drink this class was a great way to learn how to make the three different versions hence giving me the option to tweak it to my liking.

I created “My Perfect Martini” with a 1:3 ratio of vodka and vermouth making it easier for me to enjoy, and with lots of fat juicy olives. "Wet Martini" with @absolutelyxJames Bond likes his “shaken not stirred” while Ernest Hemingway loved his super iced cold! Martinis with @absolutelyx#elyxmartini class by @absolutelyxFor more ideas on how to create your own ‘perfect martini’ visit Absolut Elyx, (must be 21 years or older).


A very special thanks to Absolut Elyx for inviting me and to Max Fish for hosting. All views are strictly my own!


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