Summer Fruit Galette

Have I mentioned before that I LOVE to bake? And I don’t care if it’s 100+ degrees outside! I’ll get my oven going especially when I’m about to turn these…summer-fruits1…into this!Super simple summer fruit galette!"Fruit Galette," a super delish and simple summer treat!Summertime is the obvious perfect time to make a fresh fruit galette. I highly recommend you make a special trip to your local farmer’s market and grab a bushel of all your favorite fruits then head back home to bake. This recipe is so simple I guarantee you’ll be making it all summer long! 


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fruit-galette2fruit-galette5You can’t go wrong when you bake something like this. Fresh plump juicy fruits wrapped in a slightly sweet pie crust, omg, I swear it’s therapeutic! And when you bring it out of the oven and smell that freshly baked aroma, ahhh…



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