#Eggnog Pancakes

Hello readers! Once again the weekend is upon us and I’m back in the kitchen with a great recipe to share with you. Today I have eggnog pancakes to start your leisurely weekend. #eggnogpancakes1#eggnogpancakes3 #eggnogpancakes2


[yumprint-recipe id=’23’]#eggnogpancakes4I love to mix things up a little when it comes to recipes. So we take a boring pancake recipe and give it a little dash of festive by simply replacing milk with eggnog. You end up with an awesome flavor that can only be found this time of year.


Pancakes are always a treat in my home and this particular recipe was a hit! By adding the extra baking powder you end up with airy and fluffy cakes. You can also control the density by adding more or less eggnog. I served them with Pomegranate arils because it’s the fruit of the season and not only does it give the dish a nice zing but they look beautiful too. Depending on the season I alternate on the fruits and I add them to the batter. BTW, my Pomegranate Spritzer would be a nice complimentary drink!




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