Book Review; “#BREAD”

I can’t put this book down!

I was super excited at the arrival of this new cook book, “Bread” by Dean Brettschneider. As soon as I got my hands on it I immediately scoured through the pages!#bread5

I love to cook. I also love browsing through cook books looking for new things to try. Today I’m gonna talk about bread. I mean, who doesn’t like bread! The smell, the look, the crust!#bread6

Dean starts by taking us through a brief history of bread making, the scientifics of it, the different types of flour and all the kinds of equipments to use. And yet he manages to keep it rather simple for us to follow. He then captures our attention by the showy display of his beautiful creations. Definitely not the sort of book that leaves you wondering what you will end up with. (Don’t you just hate those cook books with little to no pictures of the actual food, leaving you to guess what the finished product is supposed look like? I’ve had one or two of those and they ended up in the recycle bin.)#bread1

Although I’m not a big bread maker, I’m not the patient kind, I am a big huge bread consumer! And this book takes the guess work out of baking a beautiful and delicious masterpiece. After all, there’s a reason Dean is called The Global Baker! He spares nothing in his presentations. The results are absolutely magnificent to say the least. You can almost smell the bread right from the book!#bread4If you’re looking for a refresher on making breads, scones or pies, look no further, “Bread” is all you need to help you accomplish that. And for those a little more ambitious, Dean has quite the selection of recipes with advanced techniques in the art of making bread. In my humble opinion, this book is awesome! Highly recommend it! Available here and here.

I can’t wait to make the “Polenta Petites Boules” and the “Nutella Spiced French Toast!”

Happy baking!


“Bread” by Dean Brettschneider, gifted. All opinions are 100% my own. Pictures taken by me of the book.

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