Happy Weekend

Another week under our belts. I can’t believe that in under 2 weeks and we can officially shop, wear and smell spring! I’m also excited that my oldest son is coming home for spring break. He was asked to join some friends in Florida, but I’ll admit, I’m a selfish mom. I’m not ready for my boy to venture off to hedonism land.

On another note, what happened with my Oscar picks? I was totally floored that they didn’t make the cut. Oh well, back to reality… What’s happening in your neck of the woods? Any delicious plans for the weekend?

My latest web findings…

  • My favorite girl crush, SJP, and her latest venture with Nordstrom! This will definitely be my first stop this weekend!
  • Currently addicted to: Is anybody else following “Downtown Abbey?” Perhaps the best kind of TV entertainment in YEARS! Thank God for OnDemand!
  • If you are a loyal Macy’s customer, take advantage of their Lancome makeup service. They will personally call you to remind you of your skincare refills. If you need anything, they will place an order on your behalf, according to your personal profile, ship it free of charge and include all the extra goodies that only Lancome offers. Now that is pampering!
  • Planning a trip to the Big Apple? You gotta check this place out!
  • Daylight Savings time begin this Sunday, March 9. Don’t forget to Spring Forward your clocks!
  • And finally, only 3 days left for the fabulous giveaway to end. Make sure to enter for a chance to win!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

image via humphreyandgrace.com


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