Week-End Wrap

Another long week finally wrapped up. Anyone else tired of all the cold and snow? With a mere two and a half weeks left of winter, I choose to focus on warm weather ahead! Any plans for the weekend? I’ll be having almost-empty-house-syndrome again. My youngest son will be away visiting his older brother in college so that leaves me, baby girl and dad to entertain each other… I am however, excited about this year’s Academy Awards on Sunday!

A few fun links from the cyber world…

  • Espadrilles move over, your cousins are in town! I’m already obsessed with this new material for fashion wear this spring.
  • The craze for tulle. My 5-year-old daughter has quite a collection already. Would you consider wearing a tulle skirt? I absolutely LOVE the look but not quite sure how it would look on me… Thoughts?
  • Now trending, BRAIDS! I’m so in love with this old-school look. My daughter and I play with each other’s hair taking turns braiding it in different forms, such fun doing girly things! If you don’t have long hair, don’t fret, hair extensions will take care of that.
  • And have you noticed the fun colorful way we’re painting our nails lately? The one-different-nail-color thing? Just when I was liking this trend, turns out, “…the idea behind femme-flagging manicures (or “finger-flagging…”) is that they’ll signal to nearby in-the-know ladies that you’re into ladies.” -Jezebel.com. I’m so done!
  • 68-Year-Old Charlotte Rampling is NARS’ new face! How fantastic is that!
  • How about them Olympics, did your country win any medals? Get the final results here.
  • A little Oscar fun trivia for your entertainment.
  • And finally, are you ready for the 86th Annual Academy Awards night? My picks: Leonardo and Sandra!!! Check out this easy and totally fabulous mini-party idea to make and enjoy on Oscar Night!

Hope you all have a restful weekend! 

(photo via Pinterest: Actress Mary Pickford aka “America’s Sweetheart” circa 1930. Pickford was one of silent film‘s most important performers and producers. Her contract demands were central to shaping the Hollywood industry. In consideration of her contributions to American cinema, the American Film Institute named Pickford 24th among the greatest female stars of all time.)


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