Culotte Jumpsuit

#streetstyle trends, the jumpsuit!Back to the grind friends! I’m convinced our weather in CT is menopausal! One day it’s nice and sunny in the upper 70s then drops down to 50, which in June it’s considered freezing! I’ve been wanting to get my hands on another black jumpsuit since this one doesn’t fit me anymore. Yeah, you can clearly see the difference four years make (sigh)… The fact that this is a culotte jumpsuit was a big question mark for me. Remember them skorts? I was never a fan of those either and I’m on the fence about culottes. Am I tall enough or skinny enough to wear them? Well, I’m neither but I gave them a try.Culotte jumpsuit!Drapey tie-belt culotte jumpsuit for spring and summer!Jumpsuit!Drapey culotte jumpsuit! @gapBlack jumpsuit for spring and summer!Drapey culotte jumpsuit. #streetstyleDrapey jumpsuit.GAP Culotte Jumpsuit | Kate Spade sunnies | Nordstrom wedges | Clutch, similar | Bangle, Bracelet | Earrings

I posted this photo on Instagram last week and according to the comments everyone thought I was wearing a dress. So, by definition, I’m spot on! Culotte jumpsuits are perfect for those events you’re not sure what to wear. I like the simplicity of this one though. It feels nice and you can move easily. I have to get used to the wide leg feel but other than that I give it a thumbs up!


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