Rugby Dress

Preppy style with a rugby dress. @tylerboeSummer style, the rugby dress. @tylerboeStyling the summer rugby dress. @tylerboeStyling a simple shirt dress.Crushing it preppy style with @tylerboe.A few weeks back I was on Instagram posting about my visit to the Newport Flower Show when a local boutique caught site of my post and asked me to stop by the shop. So of course, you know me, I couldn’t possibly turn down an invite. Long story short, I loved everything about Tyler Böe Clothing! After rummaging through the shop I finally chose this super simple and easy rugby dress. I love the contrast in the collars and the ease in which it styles.Summer prep style. @tylerboePreppy styling in the summer. @tylerboeSummer vibes with @tylerboe.Styling the preppy rugby dress. @tylerboeSummer prep style. @tylerboeRugby Dress, Tyler Boe | Jack Rogers sandals | Sunhat, Primark, other picks | Tory Burch bangle c/o Shopbop, more options | COACH sunnies, similar options 

The rugby dress came in handy when I took a drive down to my favorite local beach. On the grounds of the park is Eolia Mansion, mostly used for weddings, this beautiful place has an equally impressive garden. We took the camera and did a quick impromptu photo shoot. It was the perfect summer day with perfect summer weather, no humidity, and after the shoot we jumped in the water! 

I’m really liking the rugby style dress. Now that the back-to-school season is approaching I may just invest in a few more. What do you think of the preppy look? Oh, a side note, I was wearing my bathing suit underneath… 


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