Newport Flower Show

Rosecliff Mansion in Newport, RI

A couple of weeks back I headed to Newport, RI with my little girl for the 21st Annual Newport Flower Show. It took place at the grounds of the exquisite Rosecliff Mansion. For the past fews year I’ve attended the show (you can catch a glimpse first seen here and then again here) and it seems to me that each new year it is more and more beautiful than the last, (if that can be possible at all)…NFS-2016-ladydianaspearls8Newport Flower Show, 2016The entrance to the grounds were inundated with floral designs for the yard along with wonderful architecture. NFS-2016-ladydianaspearls2I thought this was the perfect table setting for a picnic at a terrace. Inside the mansion the floral arrangements took on a different life. The dainty parasol (a classic women’s accessory from back in the day) was made completely of dried flowers as were some other items including shoes and even a jewelry box. The detail is intricate and amazing! NFS-2016-ladydianaspearls3My favorite floral creation was the amazing floral swan! Made completely of roses, lilies and hydrangeas, the centerpiece was breathtaking. The gorgeous china, linens and color palette were super chic and perfect for a summer soiree!
Fabulous table setting at the Newport Flower ShowThe other table setting was equally impressive. I can’t even! I loved the floral hat centerpiece. The china too was beautiful and I loved how they paired the green flutes with opaque white tumblers, genius!NFS-2016-ladydianaspearls6Why is it that shiny silver makes everything look more alluring?! As if the flowers needed any help. There was a row of giant floral bouquets inside different urns lining the massive doorways leading into the back patio. Enchanting!NFS-2016-ladydianaspearls7NFS-2016-ladydianaspearls11NFS-2016-ladydianaspearls9NFS-2016-ladydianaspearls10My second favorite flower creation was this absolutely fantastic Flower Lady. Last year she wore a ball gown and this year it looks like she’s sitting on something. Either way, the creativity is stunning. NFS-2016-ladydianaspearls13NFS-2016-ladydianaspearls15It was extremely hard for me to contain myself from overloading my feed with pictures. There were just so many beautiful moments that it’s simply impossible to give the flower show justice. This is only a glimpse of some of the beauty and excitement that surrounds this annual event. I seriously hope you have an opportunity to visit next year.

We ended our summer afternoon with a fantastic iced tea with berries and lobster hor d’oeuvres. We couldn’t have had a better time. I can’t wait to visit again!


Special thanks to the Preservation Society of Newport & the Newport Flower Show for inviting me. All opinions and views are strictly my own.


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