Staying Dry with Dove

Staying dry with @dove dry spray! @dove dry spray for women.I have to admit I’m pretty much a creature of habit. I’m more productive and feel more secure when I know what my day entails. Not much of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda gal, I like to keep my personal regimen simple with the usual go-to products. But every so often I’ll venture out of my comfort zone to try something new.

I’ve been using a simple solid glide for years and never really had the need to switch to something else other than perhaps trying a new scent. Well that never really works because I wear perfumes and I don’t like to mix different scents. Needless to say I always end up getting the same baby powder scent. 
Staying dry with @dove dry spray for women.Sharing a personal moment with @dove #trydry sprays! #target

Just recently I had a chance to try Dove’s new dry spray for women. I must say I really like the product. I like how easy it is to apply, I like how it holds up throughout the day and I absolutely love that it really does go on dry!

I like the ease with which I am able to grab the bottle and use it on the go whether at home or at the gym with a simple spray. No need to wait for it to dry. The only drawback, and this is just my personal opinion, I didn’t like the Cucumber scent. I found it a bit strong and it competed with my perfume, but I’ve already stated how I’m a stickler for differing body sprays and perfumes. Other than that, I give this dry spray two thumbs up! And for the guy in your life, the men’s dry spray is just as fab!


This post was sponsored by Dove. All views are strictly my own.


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