Italian Brownies

Italian Brownies!The easiest silky and delicious brownies with a touch of Nutella!


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Decadent, silky and super easy Italian Brownies with a touch of Nutella.If you’re anything like me, you enjoy a nice chocolaty treat whenever possible. Today’s recipe is a favorite of mine. Traditionally I like to add nuts to my brownies but in this case I decided to add Nutella instead. And if you’re thinking the brownies will be full of Nutella flavor don’t get too excited just yet because it really just offers a silkier texture as opposed to the hazelnut flavor.

The chips however offer a touch of crunch that you would normally get from nuts while the espresso adds an ever so light essence of coffee, barely noticeable except if you’re a coffee addict like me you’ll know it’s there. I hope you enjoy these as they are quite simple to make and incredibly delicious. Pinky promise!



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